Equipped with the most advanced electrotherapy and exercise therapeutic modalities, PHYSIOCARE’s primary focus is to restore function and improve the patient’s quality of life, through caring, skillful and personalized application of exemplary services for patients of all ages.
We strive to provide injury management for all people wanting fast and effective help to return to their full activities. Special attention is given to ensure their complete recovery and prevention of recurrence to keep the patient at peak performance to enjoy life to the fullest.
We also employ professionally trained personnel for various administrative functions, as well as university educated physical therapists licensed under the DHCC’s Center for Healthcare Planning and Quality (CPQ) body.

To be recognized as a premier provider of elite physiotherapy services in Dubai and the other emirate.

To reflect the vision of Dubai HealthCare City by providing excellent high quality services to all our patients, thus becoming the No. 1 Clinic in DHCC.


Our Address:

Suite 2027, Block B, Al Razi Building, Dubai Healthcare City PO Box No: 505104, Dubai, United Arab Emirates