Medeor 24×7 offers a new concept in healthcare – a multi-speciality family hospital that takes the best principles of the hospitality industry and combines it with state-of-the-art medical facilities, diagnostic equipment and hand-picked personnel, to scale new heights in healthcare excellence.

The breakthrough concept behind Medeor 24×7 is to provide a healthcare service with hospitality at its core, in order to raise the level of personalised attention at key points in the client’s journey to total wellness. Each hospital represents a considerable investment in training and technology to ensure maximum efficiency while also offering hotel-like levels of comfort. This makes the journey to full wellness quicker, easier and more comfortable and thereby as stress-free for the patient as possible.

Medeor 24×7 personnel are all carefully selected to ensure that they not only offer the necessary skills and experience but also demonstrate a deep empathy for our patients as well as an unreserved passion for the calling. Our staff will always go the extra mile to ensure that each patient receives the individual care they need for a rapid and full recovery. It is a pro-active partnership between healthcare professional and patient, with the emphasis on taking a holistic and long term view on the patient’s health.

Naturally, the ’24×7′ in our name is no coincidence and refers to the fact that all Medeor 24×7 hospitals are open ’24 hours a day, 7 days a week’. We are also equipped with emergency rooms and on-site pharmacies to ensure that patients can get the care they need, whenever they need it.


Our Address:

PO Box 40330, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates