It is a pleasure to finally introduce you to Enayati Home Health Care. It was created by a dynamic team of Canadian nurses who have worked and cared for members of your community over the past 15 years.Designed by nurses, Enayati is meant to bridge the gap between hospital care and home care after witnessing the struggle patients and families face in the management of their on-going chronic care conditions.We have invested in our people. Our training program for our staff is unique as we provide more than 200 hours of training prior to our staff’s visit to homes.I encourage you to ask questions and seek options for what is best for you and your family.

Enayati has placed a high focus on patient safety in delivering care at home. Patient Falls among the elderly and Medication Management are the highest risks associated at home.
A growing number of medically complex patients are receiving care in the community. Families at home are attempting to manage complex medication regimens with limited training or education, which may increase the risk of a medication error.

Patient Falls are an important safety issues for seniors. Injuries from falls are one of the most common adverse events in home care, and are often associated with hospital admission. Enayati uses the Falls Risk Assessment Tool which looks at multifactor associated with falls.


Our Address:

2501 Al Moosa Tower 2 Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai United Arab Emirates